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Help us create the MolinoLab Edible Forest!

Thanks to your collaboration and with the advice of the Iberian Network of Edible Forests , we will create our food forest to:

  • increase biodiversity
  • Produce sustainable food and raw materials
  • Promote environmental education

All the info about the progress of the project on the food forest page.

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What is our project about?

The campaign aims to create an edible forest by reforesting a degraded area in the town of Sancti-Spiritus, province of Salamanca.

Its final objective is to increase the biodiversity of the area, create a space that provides raw materials and food in a sustainable way and adapt it as a school forest to promote environmental education.

All the plants and trees that we plant will be part of the farm and its natural environment, which we take care of daily with love and respect. This forest is a long-term project that will be based on sustainability and care for nature.

Why do we do it?

More than 90% of the surface of the Iberian Peninsula were forests in their multiple variants, of which only 10% remains.

In the province of Salamanca, 85% of the territory is at risk of desertification due to the loss of forest cover.

Consequently, it is necessary to recover green areas, develop new forms of regenerative agriculture and sustainable consumption, and promote environmental awareness.

What is an edible forest?

An edible forest is an agroforestry ecosystem designed in such a way that it mimics a natural system in terms of its diversity and functions. It is biologically sustainable, able to withstand disturbance and stress, and requires very low maintenance. This type of young forest helps to regenerate natural dynamics and becomes an ecological niche for many species, while providing food and materials.

I want to collaborate planting

You will receive in exchange:

For herbaceous and shrubs :

  • A plantation certificate in your name or the one you want to give it as a gift.
  • You enter the draw "Come a weekend to know the Mill" that we will carry out on 01/15/2021 live through our RRSS.
  • You can come to the Mill to plant your plant.
  • Your name will appear on the poster of collaborators that we will put at the entrance of the forest.

For trees , in addition to the above:

  • A hand-pyrographed plaque with the name you want to give your tree.

*** Tell us in the note when making the payment.

Frequent questions

Can I choose the tree to plant?

The design of the edible forest is something complex that requires a lot of observation and analysis, not all trees have the same needs, nor do they like the same type of land or withstand the cold the same, so we offer the option of contributing with the different strata of the forest, but the variety will be chosen by experts taking into account the needs of each plant

When will I receive the plantation certificate?

We will send you the certificate via email as quickly as possible, within a maximum period of 7 calendar days with the name that you have indicated.

How does the raffle work?

For each donation, you acquire a participation in the raffle for a weekend at MolinoLab. You will get to know the MolinoLab and its Edible Forest project in-situ.

We will hold a live draw through our RRSS on 01/15/2021 and we will contact the winner to inform them.

How can I come to the Mill to plant my tree?

Tree planting must be done between February and March, so we will set two weekends (depending on the circumstances) so that whoever you want can come and plant your tree. If you want to stay the night, write to us to reserve a room.

The number of people will be limited to the legislation of the moment.

What will my contribution be used for?

The money will be used to purchase the seedlings and materials necessary to carry out the project, as well as to ensure proper maintenance of the forest, irrigation in the summer, etc.

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