It is the transversal axis of the project. Every process , project , event , initiative , learning is, as far as possible, documented .

It is a repository of information to take as an example, base or guide to adapt and replicate them anywhere.

Our objective is to freely publish a series of knowledge , resources , methodologies so that everyone can start their path towards self-sufficiency.

Here you will find the information and the archive of our projects and activities .

You also have at your disposal the resources page , with links to other websites, blogs, youtube channels on the topics we work on.


We develop projects related to self-sufficiency, organic agriculture, bioconstruction, energy, technology, art, leisure, fight against deforestation.


We promote the development of workshops and activities of all kinds, from music jam sessions, videomapping projections, outdoor summer cinema, etc.


Information about each of the spaces on the farm, so you can locate the workshops or projects you want to propose.

If you are interested in learning and contributing, get involved .