Here you will find information about the projects . Projects of all kinds, in brief, grouped by theme to make it easier to consult them.

Consult the projects in development , those that are in the design phase and the ideas we have for the future .

If you are interested, you can propose a project to be developed at MolinoLab and if you have ideas or improvements to propose, contact us .

If you prefer, on the page of each laboratory or work area , you can see them separated by subject.


Documentation of wild plants

A catalog of the wild flora of the area, names, families, characteristics and uses.

Sounds of the World

A map created to share the sound richness of our planet . You will discover different varieties of sounds, from near and far places, soundscapes , sounds of nature , music recorded in the streets, poems from here and there.

World Code Music

Using algorithms and computer code, b1tdreamer reconstructs real and imaginary spaces through sounds and images recorded during his travels. You can see his latest performances on his YouTube channel .


We have a gang of red worms feeding on organic kitchen waste and giving us back some precious humus and worm tea, which we use to increase the mineral richness of the soil, and in the future to feed the plants of the organic hydroponic system. .

edible forest

Living postcards

One of b1tdreamer 's latest projects consists of physical postcards, photos of his trips and of different friends with a QR code on the back, which links to the sound of the place, a poem, a soundscape, etc. All sounds can be heard and freely downloaded on the sound map.

But recently, using a simple augmented reality tool, these postcards have come to life and tell stories using audiovisual media.

in design phase

Exudation irrigation system for the orchard

We want to automate the irrigation of the orchard to make it more efficient before the summer heat begins. We are comparing budgets and studying alternatives.

Web project management system and documentation

We are looking for a free web system that allows us to manage the projects that we carry out in a simple way as well as the information that we are collecting and generating. Discuss, work together, manage tasks and show all that process on the web.

We are currently comparing Nextcloud and some WP Project Manager wordpress plugins or one of these .

If you have experience and want to recommend one, contact us .

growing arrows

We want to find a space to start growing oyster mushrooms and mushrooms. The laundry area of the fruit trees and the basement of the mill are good spaces for this, since there is hardly any natural light, the temperature is stable throughout the year and the humidity is high.

content server

We are designing a content server (Manuals, Books, Videos, Music, Movies, Documentaries) for MolinoLab. At first it will be available offline, later maybe we will make it accessible from the internet.

In the meantime, if you want more information, check out our resources page .

We will use Nextcloud as a collaboration platform.


We need a space to germinate and grow the seedlings before transplanting them to the orchard or edible forest. Where they are with a stable temperature, a high level of humidity, and light.

Among the options we are considering is dismantling the roof of one of the pigsties , currently semi-collapsed and replacing it with transparent polycarbonate, building a chimney to let out hot air when we are interested and storing rainwater to irrigate and stabilize humidity and temperature. inland.

Monitoring and automation system for agricultural processes

Thanks to technology, we can measure and control the parameters that affect the animals and plants that live with us and anticipate their needs.

Improvement of the local network of MolinoLab

We are currently working with the 4G connection of our phones. We are designing a robust local network through which we can share content and organize our work without the need for an internet connection.

Next, we will get a 4G router so that we can also offer an internet connection at MolinoLab and that our offline content is accessible from the internet.


Build a solar dehydrator to dry the wild plants that we collect and the surpluses from the garden to preserve them.

There are thousands of ways to make it, for example .

Organic Hydroponic Growing System

Design an organic cultivation system without substrate based on the nutrients generated by the decomposition of organic matter thanks to red worms and a closed water circuit that bathes the roots of the plants.

Crazy ideas

We also have a list of ideas for future projects, they can be as crazy as you can think of, maybe they can be carried out next year, maybe two decades from now. For thinking that there is no left ????

  • Create a sound sculpture with the patio thresher
  • Interactive sculptures with the waste that we cannot reuse for other uses
  • Create integrated living spaces in the forest by reusing the structure of old vehicles
  • Wall of screens in the workshop hall
  • Design a natural channeling system for water to keep it as long as possible
  • Create a pond in the laundry room
  • Build a house in one of the trees of the pond
  • Remove the roof of the tower to make a viewpoint
  • Survival zombie and live role-playing games for adults
  • Build a wooden structure using the bamboo at the entrance of the house and use a vine to provide shade in the picnic area during the summer to the patio picnic area