We work in different lines of work, each with their respective projects , prototypes and services.

You can consult the MolinoLab knowledge database in the documentation section.

If you want to propose projects or activities in some of the MolinoLab spaces , go ahead. We are open to all kinds of initiatives.

Organic agriculture

It is a farming system based on the optimal use of natural resources, without using synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Achieving in this way to obtain organic food while preserving the fertility of the earth and respecting the environment.


Until now, most of the artistic projects we have carried out are related to sound art, net-art and live coding. In general, technological-artistic projects.


Set of constructive and organizational procedures aimed at the intervention and direct transformation of the space by its inhabitants, according to their own needs, interests and resources.


Aimed at investigating and taking advantage of local and available energy sources to make more efficient use of them and try to depend less on electricity companies.

Appropriate Technologies

Those technologies that are designed with special attention to the environmental, ethical, cultural, social and economic aspects of the community to which they are addressed. Based on these considerations, ATs emerge from the local environment, and normally require fewer resources, are easier to maintain, have a lower cost and a lower impact on the environment compared to other comparable technologies.


In charge of managing the different leisure options and offering alternatives to the entertainment available.

natural cosmetics

Coming soon