Until now, most of the artistic projects we have carried out are related to sound art, net-art and live coding. In general, technological-artistic projects.

But we are already planning plastic, pictorial, audiovisual, dance projects, etc.

If you want to propose a project or activity related to this area, go ahead. You will be more than welcome!


pyrography station
We have created a pyrography station in the workshop building where woodworking, cutting, sanding and engraving with fire are possible. View this post on Instagram It is difficult to imagine modern medicine without antibiotics. The flow …
Sounds of the World
A map created to share the sound richness of our planet. You will discover different varieties of sounds, from near and far places, soundscapes, sounds of nature, music recorded in the streets, poems from here and there. sounds of the world A…
Living postcards
One of b1tdreamer's latest projects consists of physical postcards, photographs of his trips and of different friends with a QR code on the back, which links to the sound of the place, a poem, a…
World Code Music
Using algorithms and computer code, b1tdreamer reconstructs real and imaginary spaces through sounds and images recorded during his travels. You can see his latest performances on his YouTube channel.