In this area we develop projects for the construction or rehabilitation of spaces.


Reform of the ship
The objective of this project is to reform the warehouse in order to convert it into a comfortable and pleasant work space. In a multidisciplinary space where you can carry out activities, from workshops to body expression activities, from projections...
Build your own geodesic house
In September we began the self-construction workshops for a house with a geodesic structure. From scratch, energy efficient, bioclimatic, adapted to the environment, using passive air conditioning techniques, with organic materials, energy self-sufficient, self-sufficient, domotized using hardware and...
Hen house
We have built a homemade chicken coop to house the chickens that will soon join the MolinoLab team
We need a space to germinate and grow the seedlings before transplanting them to the orchard or edible forest. Where they are with a stable temperature, a high level of humidity, and light. Among the options we are considering…