Appropriate Technologies

This area focuses on the development and implementation of technological solutions to reduce human labor or provide services that otherwise could not be offered.

Whenever possible we opt for free alternatives , supporting free hardware and software projects as it seems to us the best way to row together in the same direction and be owners of our data , our tools and solutions .


Project and documentation management system
We are looking for a free web system that allows us to manage the projects that we carry out in a simple way as well as the information that we are collecting and generating. Discuss, work together, manage tasks and show everything…
web server
The idea is to host all our web projects locally as well as this website itself. We have a GNU/Linux server that we are starting to configure to offer these services.
Improvement of the local network of MolinoLab
We are currently working with the 4G connection of our phones. We are designing a robust local network through which we can share content and organize our work without the need for an internet connection. Next, we will get a 4G router for…
content server
We are creating a content server (Manuals, Books, Videos, Music, Movies, Documentaries) for MolinoLab. At first it will be available through the local network, later we may make it accessible from the Internet. We are investigating LibraryBox, PirateBox...