At MolinoLab we believe in the ability of people to organize and create collectively. That is why it is an open project and we will be delighted if you come to participate and visit us , to propose a project or activity , participate in one or come as a volunteer to learn day by day and make this space grow.

You can do it in person or by sharing your knowledge and opinion from wherever you are.

I want to know the project

Come to know the project, stay in the house with the rest of the team, participate in the events, workshops, activities.

Come learn through daily work on the farm.

Propose project or activity

Come to develop a project . We are always open to new ideas, different ways of doing things.

You can also come to organize an activity, an event or a workshop.

Workshops from how to make craft beer to how to do videomapping on the walls of the mill.

Activities such as concerts, open mics, summer cinema...


You can also participate by coming and getting fully involved in the project , working side by side with us for longer periods.

If you can not come

We are working on new ways to offer participation via the Internet. At the moment you can consult the documentation , the page of external resources or contact us to send us information .