propose a project

First of all, if this is the first time you come to MolinoLab , take a look at the project page to find out what it is and what we do.

At MolinoLab we accommodate a wide range of projects, on organic agriculture , self-construction , appropriate technologies , art , crafts , textiles , natural cosmetics , leisure .

It is a place where there is a lot of space to experiment , learn by doing and develop projects that enrich both you and the community.

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Take a look at the spaces and locate the project you would like to develop. You can ask us for more information at any time, measurements, weather conditions... If you need more information, contact us .

If you have a project idea that fits with MolinoLab , send us your proposal before June 15 and come carry it out this summer.

What we offer?

  • A comfortable room .
  • A work space .
  • A place of experimentation where you can develop your project.
  • Use of common areas (living room, kitchen, patios, etc.)
  • Use of the workshop
  • Access to materials to reuse
  • A virtual space where you can organize your project, coordinate it and display it.
  • Documentation of the process . That will be delivered to you at the end of the project and will be housed in the knowledge database , accessible and available to present it to other calls.
  • Dissemination among the MolinoLab network.
  • If the project requires it, a physical space to present the project .
  • Advice . If you need it, you will have a group of experts in various subjects to help you answer questions and find solutions.
  • Accompaniment , each project will be sponsored by a person who knows the space and will help you find the materials you need. With it, you will hold periodic follow-up meetings, identify problems and seek solutions.
  • If there is a need, a budget for material or equipment .
    The idea is to reuse as much material as possible, but if there is no alternative, we have a fund for it that can be requested.
  • An enthusiastic and fun team to meet and work with.

What do we order?

  • Commitment , we would like you to make MolinoLab yours, take this opportunity seriously and complete your project.
  • respect . For the place, the environment, the people and their ideas.
    People of every color, race, creed, sex and sexual condition participate in the MolinoLab . It is a space in constant process to eliminate machismo, xenophobia and homophobia from our day to day.
  • Collaboration with housework (kitchen shifts, cleaning shifts)
  • Collaboration with community tasks (On Fridays we dedicate 4 hours of our time to carry out community projects in space. Dismantling a roof, picking vegetables from the garden, cleaning the mill. Together, it is much more efficient)
  • Participation and collaboration in events (Like the rest of the team, collaborate in the preparation and development of jam sessions, the summer cinema, open mics, etc.)
  • A symbolic contribution with the MolinoLab of €30.
    If this contribution blocks your ability to propose a project, it doesn't matter. Explain your situation in the additional information block.
  • A contribution for fixed and optional expenses .
  • Illusion and desire to create something interesting .

If all this sounds good to you, go ahead. We will love learning with you.

If your project is selected, we will contact you as soon as we can so that you can develop it further and start coordinating.



Thanks for encouraging you to participate!