Information about each of the spaces on the farm, so you can locate the workshops or projects you want to propose


The old Mill, converted into a museum of traditional agriculture, preserves most of the machinery that was formerly used to grind grain as well as generate energy to supply the town of Santi-Spiritus.

You have more information about the house on the Molino de Valeriano page


With more than 100 years of history but provided with everything necessary to live comfortably.

You have more information about the house on the Molino de Valeriano page


It is an open space with a picnic area, barbecue.

Altar with table built in stone, place of the stage in concerts and events.

mill yard

An area of * square meters that is currently full of vegetation. With three poplars? that shade part of the patio during the afternoon.

the orchard above

In the patio there is also the orchard with raised terraces. We have done it this first year and we have just planted, as you can see in the photo, the plants are still small.


A space of * square meters with a large well and a pond that maintains water throughout the year, even in the summer months.

fruit tree area

In this area, with various fruit trees; Apple, Pear, Quince and Plum trees. It also has a well and an old laundry.

It is the area in which the edible forest project is developed.

Nave Taller

The old ship, full of treasures. Material that with a little creativity, knowledge and work we are bringing back to life and turning them into objects, inventions and tools.


Where formerly the transformers of the Mill that generated energy for the entire town were located. At the moment its roof is partially collapsed.

pigpens and chicken coop

Four spaces where pigs, cows and chickens used to grow. In the middle, there is a space with a well. Two of the buildings have partially fallen roofs.