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Different ways of thinking, organizing, creating and sharing
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MolinoLab is a rural experimentation space focused on self-sufficiency.

It is a matrix laboratory that compiles, generates and shares with the public a series of knowledge, techniques, tests, experiments and experiences.

We develop and host projects and activities in different lines of work.

It is a constantly evolving project, a decentralized and delocalized community of people with common interests and a passion for learning and sharing.

The project

It arises from the need to propose alternatives to the current system.

MolinoLab is a real and virtual space in which to communicate, learn, teach and share.


We are a delocalized group of people with diverse concerns, knowledge, needs, and knowledge.

We work on the project, share information and give our opinion even if we are not physically in the space.

We are all pouring our experiences and knowledge into this project, into this knowledge base in which you can also participate.


Documentation is the transversal axis of MolinoLab. Of every project, event, initiative, learning.

Our goal is to freely publish a series of knowledge, resources and methodologies so that everyone can start their path towards self-sufficiency.

Participate, you have several ways to do it.

If you are interested in the project, learning and teaching in a collaborative way you have several options in your hand.



If you believe in the project and want to support it, you can do so through different contributions.