What’s MolinoLab?

Molino Lab is a rural experimentation space focused on self-sufficiency.

Self-sufficiency in food, art, culture, energy, technology, education and leisure.

What do we do?

Experiment, learn, document and share knowledge.

We develop projects in a collaborative way, trying to improve both our lives and what is around us.


Related to self-sufficiency,
about organic agriculture,

technology, art, leisure,
fight against deforestation, etc.


We also host all kinds of events.
From music jam sessions,
videomapping projections,
outdoor summer cinema, etc.

We organize workshops on a multitude of topics.
From how to brew craft beer to Chikung.


Our goal is to record
each project and activity
in order to publish, in a free way, a series of knowledge, resources
and methodologies so that everyone can
to start his or her path towards


Learning collaboratively and hands-on. Observing, researching and testing, failing, learning from our mistakes, reflecting and trying again.

Having as working methodologies permaculture and hacker ethics applied to all areas of human life.

We organize ourselves into laboratories or work areas to develop projects and activities on topics as diverse as organic agriculture, art, self-construction, technology, leisure and energy.

Who are we?

We are a delocalized group of people with diverse concerns, knowledge, needs, and knowledge.

On the team page you can get to know some of us better.


In El Molino de Valeriano, a Castilian farm in Sancti-Spiritus, province of Salamanca, Spain, Planeta Tierra. Between Salamanca and Ciudad Rodrigo.
Three hours from Madrid and half an hour from the border with Portugal.

The perfect place to put into practice all the projects we have in hand. With incredible spaces to create, learn, share.

And if you are interested in what we do, get involved!